Rise of shallow and desperate mentors

Back in the 90s when I was growing up, our parents used to look out for people in their 20s to give us advice on career and skill development.

As far as I remember, the then-20s people didn’t have any urge to teach us what to do or to become an inspiration or mentor to us.

I believe it’s because even though, I think, they were more stable, skillful, and successful, they probably felt that they still have a long way to go. Despite others’ perception of them doing well, they felt they still might not know enough. They were humble and conservative when referring to their skills.

Also, I cannot recall a discussion that didn’t conclude with studying to develop skills in STEM, skills that are attained over a long period.

Nowadays, I frequently come across folks barely holding a digital agency job but overtly desperate to teach others how to start up, earn a side income, or travel freely.

None of it alludes to studying hard. The majority of it seems to be selling the ‘idea’ of appearing successful.


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