#100daysofcode Day 5: Shared styles in NX #Angular libraries

With another missed day in my challenge, I will work on packaging styles with a library and use them in our newly created Angular app.

Angular app styles

It is easier to serve or build styles inside your app with the default configurations. Once you scaffold an application, the styles are available at {projectRoot}/src/styles.scss.

To test it out, let us serve our application.

$ nx serve linkinbio

Now, open http://localhost:4200/ and you can see your app component.

If we make a small change to our styles, we can see that in real-time in our app.

/* styles.scss */

/* You can add global styles to this file, and also import other style files */
p {
  font-weight: bold;

Great. So our styling works.

The problem

This is good for a self-contained application.

However, in the case of large applications, there will be a requirement for sharing styles across your libraries and including them as part of the main application build process.

Creating a shared UI library containing variables, mixins, and shared component-specific styles is helpful.

So we will learn how to include styles from an NX library into our application.

Solution – sharing styles across NX libraries

Create styles

Let’s create some styles in our ui-shared library at libs/linkinbio/ui/shared/src/styles/linkinbio-ui-shared

/* libs/linkinbio/ui/shared/src/styles/linkinbio-ui-shared/_variables.scss */

$color-red: red;
/* libs/linkinbio/ui/shared/src/styles/linkinbio-ui-shared/theme.scss */

p {
  font-weight: bold;

Update app/project.json

Now, let’s add the instructions to tell angular compiler to set `libs/linkinbio/ui/shared/src/styles` as one of the paths to look for for our new styles.

To do that, we will add the following stylePreprocessorOptions property to projects/linkinbio/project.json file.

        "styles": ["projects/linkinbio/src/styles.scss"],
        "stylePreprocessorOptions": {
          "includePaths": ["libs/linkinbio/ui/shared/src/styles"]
        "scripts": []

Import library styles

Now, you can easily import the styles into your app:

/* styles.scss */

/* You can add global styles to this file, and also import other style files */

@use 'linkinbio-ui-shared/variables' as ui-shared-variables;

@import 'linkinbio-ui-shared/theme';
// @import '@rishabhmhjn/linkinbio/ui/shared/linkinbio-ui-shared';

p {
  font-weight: bold;
  color: ui-shared-variables.$color-red;

You can see your styles applied in the browser.

It is important to note that I have added a distinct folder, linkinbio-ui-shared, inside the library styles folder. This is because, in the future, it is likely I will need to import styles from other libraries too.

To ensure the names of the shared styles do not collide with one another, I have chosen to namespace them by putting them in their own unique project name.

That’s it! Happy coding 🙂


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